How to Build a Car Scissor Lift

How to Build a Car Scissor Lift

This article will show you how to build a car scissor lift, including cost, types, and construction. We will also cover the size and type of lifts available for purchase. After you learn how to construct a car scissor lift, you’ll be able to use your new tool in no time! Whether you’re building a DIY lift for your garage or looking for a MechanicSuperstore scissor car lift, this article will help you get started.

Cost of a car scissor lift

The cost of a car scissor lift depends on several factors, including its size, capacity, and type. While they are typically used by professionals, you can buy them for home use as well. These lifts can be bought in many different designs, and are available in varying capacities. Professional garages typically use 4-post and 2-post models, but do-it-yourselfers have also found them very useful.

The price of a two-post car lift that holds 10,000 pounds can run between $2,000 and $3500. For the same price, you could also invest in a four-post lift. If you need to stack cars, however, you may wish to consider purchasing a four-post lift. It’s also possible to get an in-ground lift, but this will cost you around $10,000 or more.


There are three basic types of car scissor lift: mid-rise, four-post, and portable. All offer different benefits. Mid-rise models offer a small footprint and are portable. They also offer excellent stability, but are less flexible than other models. While portable lifts are the most affordable and versatile, they are not ideal for accessing the entire underside of a vehicle. Mid-rise scissor lifts are most commonly used in body shops and brake shops, but can also be purchased for use in the home by home car enthusiasts.

Scissor-style car lifts feature a low profile when not in use. Unlike their more traditional counterparts, they can be parked over the lift while not in use. However, they never retract completely. Additionally, they do not allow two cars to be stacked in the same slot. Lastly, because the elevating mechanism is located below the platform, it is not always possible to work directly underneath the vehicle.


The choice of size of a car scissor lift is an important consideration. This equipment is used for both light-duty and passenger vehicles, depending on its wheelbase. A 6000 lb. Blue Mid-Rise Scissor Lift is the perfect choice for businesses without a high ceiling. Its low platform height and flush-mounted capabilities make it an excellent choice for many applications, including collision repair work.

A car scissor lift is a high-powered machine that allows for quick and easy lifting. To use one, park the vehicle on the platform and clear the area around it. Once on the platform, assess the smoothness of the scissor lift and ensure it is not overloaded. It is also important not to exceed the lifting capacity of the machine. If you have a small garage or a tight work area, you can choose a smaller model.


A scissor lift is a multipurpose vehicle that is made of steel, with a platform and railing. The platform is supported by beam and bar-style struts. The lift assembly has two tracks and a railing and works with an open-close motion, similar to the action of a pair of scissor blades. The lifts are powered by hydraulic mechanisms.

A scissor lift is capable of raising a car to a certain height. A scissor lift can be used for tire service, as well as car repair. There are many benefits of a scissor lift, and a car mechanic can use one to service his or her vehicle with great comfort. These lifts can also lift the car’s underbody, meaning he or she will have more room to work.

Before the advent of the internet, scissor car lifts were used in many manufacturing facilities. Coca-Cola, a company that makes bottled drinks, still uses scissor lifts today. And the construction industry uses scissor lifts to transport heavy vehicles and materials. They are easy to use, which decreases operator fatigue and increases productivity. Additionally, they don’t take up much space when not in use.

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